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Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis – Vernonne’s Story

Vernonne S.

“My name is Vernonne Sloan. I was diagnosed with MS in 2000. I know, now, I had symptoms in the early 1990’s, but they weren’t severe enough for me to think anything was seriously wrong with me.

I found access to stem cell treatment on Facebook, applied for treatment and was accepted. Everything has gone uphill from my very first conversation with Maureen.

I had my Stem Cell Procedure on December 12, 2016. Even though I was nervous, the doctor and nurses treated me like I was a special person and put me at ease, immediately. The next thing I knew, I was ready to go back to my hotel room.

The first thing I noticed was the best! That night I had very little pain and the next night I had NO pain. If nothing else happened, having this procedure was worth every penny spent! I went from an almost constant pain to nothing at all! Wow! Is this really happening? I don’t remember the exact order of anything else that happened, but happen, it did!

I no longer need to get up several times a night to go to the bathroom, in fact my bladder problems are close to a normal, now. I don’t have to get up because I am hurting or my legs are so restless I can’t sleep. I get a good night’s sleep now.  I no longer use my walker in the house. I still use it for outside and my husband, Ric, will still push me in the wheelchair for long distances. My legs are getting stronger and, thanks to Physical Therapy, I am learning how to walk correctly, again. It will take me a while, though. I got into 17 years of bad habits!

My back is getting stronger. I stand up straighter and I can stand, without holding on to something, for a longer period. I even wash dishes on occasion and can sweep the floor. I’m glad our floor is small!  It’s much easier for me to get in and out of bed and get in and out of the car, now. It’s easier to shower and to get dressed.  My fingers are still a little numb, but I am learning to control them better. In fact, I am taking organ lessons and that helps with making my fingers do what they need to do.

Ric is still the cook, and a great cook he is! I am on the Paleo Diet. This is one of the diets that the facility recommends for their patients. It’s a very healthy diet and everything tastes good, too!  If I stay on a healthy diet, get 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night and exercise regularly, I should just keep getting better and stay that way for the rest of my life. I plan on doing just that!

I was truly blessed to have seen this on Facebook. If you have a debilitating disease and need help, please contact StemGenex and never give up on getting better! I recommend stem cell treatment to all those that need this kind of help! God Bless you all!” – Vernonne S., June 19, 2017.

This testimonial includes a description of this patient’s actual results. These results may not be typical or expected for the particular disease type described in this testimonial. You should not expect to experience these results. Stem cell therapy is not FDA approved and is not a cure for any medical condition.

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