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Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis: Karen Shares her Story

Karen G.

“As soon as my Stem Cell Transplant was complete, from the time it took to remove the hospital gown, clothe myself and walk to the waiting vehicle, I no longer had pain in my sciatica. Within days, I could feel my hand that I’d not felt in 18 years! I scratched so much from feeling my hand and nose that I removed skin not realizing I was scratching. I’m walking faster and rarely hug the wall now for stability. I’m driving with my left hand, and I hadn’t done this in years. These seem like minor things, but they’re miraculous and huge! The staff are caring and considerate! The facility is SUPER clean. All health protocols are followed to ensure patient safety. I’m getting my life back!” – Karen G., February 11, 2017.

6 Month Stem Cell Transplant Update:

“I’ve been wracking my brain trying to determine if there have been changes? Have there been improvements?  It hit me yesterday.  Why, yes, there has been a change/improvement.

One symptom with my MS is SUPER hyper-sensitivity to sound.  My colleagues have become used to me near jumping out of my skin when they walk up behind me.  Given I’m from New York, it’s been amazing that a few F-bombs haven’t been yelled out!

So, yesterday, a few colleagues that have experienced my extreme reaction to sound and have learned how to cautiously approach me, walked up behind me at different times.  I didn’t jump or yell out either time.

All my improvements have been subtle, and to the naked eye, don’t seem like much.  The ability to sleep through the night again is the one that makes the biggest difference in my life.  Sleep is kind of necessary!

My God!  These improvements ARE AMAZING/MIRACULOUS!” Karen G., June 6, 2017.

12 Month Stem Cell Transplant Update:

“November 29, 2017,  marks my 12-month anniversary post stem cell transplant—my “re-birth” day.

The BIG question…after a year, do I think the money, and the anxiety over the procedure, WAS WORTH IT?!

YES!!!!!!! I can’t say this strong enough.

The facility was SUPER CLEAN! Given my knowledge of medical issues, this is quite important to me…no worries about infection.

The staff are AMAZING and caring.  As a New York girl, I really don’t trust many people.  I was filled with anxiety.  I put my trust in the unknown and people, traveled across the country to a place I’d never been, and was spending my life savings…money I’d worked my entire lifetime to earn…on an unproven [experimental per the FDA] procedure.  I was wrapped in a bear hug by a REALLY tall dude (the doctor). I INSTANTLY felt at ease as he explained the procedure and asked about my concerns (we’re going to give that area [my sciatica pain] some “extra love.”) I almost burst into tears from relief.

What improvements remain?

* I can FEEL my left side still. How AMAZING it is to drive with my left hand again! How AMAZING it is to feel the car window up/down and mirror control buttons and to move my sun visor while I drive around a curve and hold the wheel at the same time!

* My vertigo is almost non-existent. That was quite debilitating!

* My left leg sciatica pain is STILL gone (from 10 minutes after the procedure). Also very debilitating.

* My hyper-sensitivity to sound has diminished. (I don’t jump out of my skin when someone comes behind me. I was always afraid I’d yell the F-bomb at work! I’m STILL hyper-sensitive to smells though. No wonder I gag with skunk smells on the road!)

* I STILL scratch my skin around my nose and eyes because it itches. Actually, my entire left side itches…I can FEEL it again.

* My 3-hour MRI  showed NO new lesions and no active lesions from the MRI 2 years prior. That’s INCREDIBLE news!

I can’t begin to convey how much your support has meant to me! Thank you all SO MUCH for riding this roller coaster with me!” – Karen G.


This multiple sclerosis stem cell transplant testimonial includes a description of this patient’s actual results. These results may not be typical or expected for the particular disease type described in this testimonial. You should not expect to experience these results. Stem cell therapy is not FDA approved and is not a cure for any medical condition.

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