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Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis: Jeffery Chooses Stem Cell Research Centre

Jeffery F.

“My boyfriend, Jeffery just had treatment done November 7th, 2017 and we couldn’t have been treated better while there. The staff and the doctors were amazing. They made us feel right at home and accompanied us in every way they could. He has MS and has had symptoms of fatigue, numbness and blurred vision. His right eye was getting blurry on and off and it was getting to where it would affect him often. Ever since the treatment, he hasn’t had the blurriness and he has felt like a brand new man. We have all noticed a difference in him. A good difference! He is an avid deer hunter and the one thing that MS was affecting was his ability to enjoy this hobby. I am happy to say that since he’s had treatment, he finally put meat in the freezer! We can’t thank y’all enough for the hospitality and respect we were given. We will recommend y’all to anyone who needs it! Thank y’all!” Sam S. November 19, 2017.

This testimonial includes a description of this patient’s actual results. These results may not be typical or expected for the particular disease type described in this testimonial. You should not expect to experience these results. Stem cell therapy is not FDA approved and is not a cure for any medical condition.

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