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Marla Shares her Success Story of Choosing Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Marla B.

“12 days since my stem cell therapy. I have more energy, NOT wearing my leg brace (AFO) & using my cane 1/4 of the time! StemGenex was my hope, they didn’t fail me. Their outstanding, caring & passion in helping people showed. Told my friend I was going, she told her friend, who also has MS, she is now in CA for her stem cell therapy!! Everybody knows someone who should look into this treatment, don’t be afraid to share this ‘gift’ for a normal life. Looking forward to my normal life & what adventures it has in store for me. It all started with just a phone call to an advocate who answered all my questions & cared enough to be there. He also gave me his cell phone number over the weekend in case I had any more questions. Customer service was above & beyond!” – Marla B., Jun 28, 2016

This testimonial includes a description of this patient’s actual results. These results may not be typical or expected for the particular disease type described in this testimonial. You should not expect to experience these results. Stem cell therapy is not FDA approved and is not a cure for any medical condition.

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