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Rolando McClain, middle linebacker for the Oakland Raiders, was the number 8 overall pick in the 2010 draft, but in his rookie season he wasn’t the all-star player that his drafting stats suggested he might be. Early in his career, McClain had suffered an injury to his knee and had a high ankle sprain that may have been impacting his play. After traditional therapies for Rolando McClain’s injuries failed to yield any improvement, he turned to adult stem cell treatment as a solution.


How Adult Stem Cell Treatment Helps Injuries

Adult stem cell treatment, a revolutionary new medical technique, takes stem cells from a healthy area of a person’s body and injects them into another area of the body. Adult stem cells are ‘undifferentiated’ cells, meaning that they have not yet become a specific cell type and can develop into whatever type of cells the body needs them to be. These stem cells will follow cues from the cells around them to determine thejob they need to do. In the case of adult stem cell treatment, areas that have large numbers of these stem cells can donate the cells to other areas of the body that might need them due to the stresses of injury or age, including the:

  • hands,
  • face,
  • butt,
  • joints,
  • and any other area of the body that needs help.

Where Stem Cells Are Found

Every body has its own stem cells that can be used for adult stem cell treatment. The procedure is safe and effective since the body recognizes its own cells even when they are moved to another area of the body. Because of stem cell research that has been done in this exciting area of medicine, doctors who specialize in adult stem cell treatment know that stem cell counts are high in adipose tissue (fat tissue.) This allows them to easily source stem cells for the best possible treatment results.


Stem cells are revolutionizing medicine not because of their flexibility but also because of their properties of self-renewal. The body has many types of cells that can do different things, but in order to be classified as a stem cell, there must be one important property- the ability to re-create stem cells just like the original cells, indefinitely. In adult stem cell treatment, this not only means that the stem cells will continue to rejuvenate the area where they are placed, but that results can even get better over time as the stem cells do their work.


And what about Rolando McClain? The Oakland Raiders linebacker opted for a type of adult stem cell treatment that took stem cells from his own fat and had them injected into his knee and ankle. According to McClain, after the ankle and knee stem cell treatment he feels much better, “with hardly any pain at all”. For a professional athlete who is testing his body with strenuous exercise on a daily basis, these are amazing results.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or has an ongoing medical condition that traditional medicine has not been able to help, call StemGenex today at 1-800-609-7795 and let us help you explore your stem cell treatment options. As stem cell treatments are still rather novel in the United States, it helps to have experts in the field to guide you through the process from beginning to end and ensure that you get the highest quality service available. Your health and well-being are StemGenex’s priority. For fast, effective relief where all else has failed, contact StemGenex today.

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Contact us for more information about Stem Cell Treatment

To learn more about stem cell treatment simply fill out the form below and a Patient Advocate will contact you shortly.