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Quality Assured

At Stem Cell Research Centre we believe strongly in our ability to provide stem cell patients with the highest quality and most effective treatment options they can trust.  The Integrative Health Recovery Program is based upon these same fundamentals.  This is why Stem Cell Research Centre chooses to partner with leaders in their field who share the same dedication to quality.  Below you will find a list of partners Stem Cell Research Centre has hand-picked to fulfill the mission of our Health Recovery Program by providing the support and options patients need in a stem cell therapy clinic.


Helping people live happier, healthier lives by realizing their genetic potential 

Metagenics was founded in 1983 on a brave new scientific concept: how the right nutrition could help people realize their best health possible by influencing what makes them unique—their genes. Back then we called it “genetic potential through nutrition.” It also makes us unique—it’s been our mission and a key differentiator ever since.

Our research-based medical foods, nutraceuticals, and turnkey programs help address each patient’s unique health needs for a higher level of personalized, lifetime wellness care. That’s why so many healthcare providers worldwide trust Metagenics over any other professional brand.


LIfe Extension LogoWe have one mission, and one mission only: to help you live a healthier, longer life.

LifeExtension is at the forefront of medical research, constantly looking for ways to prolong youth, health, and life. They’ve been at it for more than 34 years, investing more than $140 million to find therapies and technologies that could lead to lifesaving cures for the diseases of aging. But as you’ll soon see, that’s only the beginning.

LifeExtension offers 350 premium-quality formulations that are the gold standard of the industry. All are clinically validated and tested. All come with a 100% money-back guarantee.


Ortho Molecular Prods Logo



All Ortho Molecular Products are evidence-based. The most reliable evidence comes in the form of well-controlled human clinical trials, in populations demographically similar to our doctors’ patients, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. This is the standard we are aiming for when we consider which ingredients to include in our formulas. However, we also honor the historical data of thousands of years of traditional use, as well as the direct observations of health care practitioners in clinical practice.

Raw Material Superiority

Equally important as which ingredients to include is which forms of ingredients to choose. After all, there can be tremendous variation in two ingredients both called CoQ10. At Ortho Molecular Products, we hold ourselves to a standard of raw material quality seldom seen in the supplement industry, and it starts with asking the right questions.

Therapeutic Potency

Of course, even if you have chosen evidence-based ingredients and provided them in a superior form, the formula will not work if the dosages are too small. That’s why Ortho Molecular Products always include the right therapeutic dosing of each ingredient, based on established research. This approach is what separates good supplements from great supplements — formulas that truly help your patients get better faster. It is what drives efficacy and the reason we always formulate to the power of e.


xymogen logo

XYMOGEN Exclusive Professional Formulas has over a quarter century of experience providing quality supplements to healthcare practitioners. As an independent health sciences company, XYMOGEN has introduced numerous innovations to the functional medicine community. From the beginning, “the journey is the reward” has been our mantra. It is a journey that offers unprecedented opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Our founding principles are incomparable quality, respect for the doctor-patient relationship, success through teamwork, and unsurpassed customer service. Holding steadfastly to these values has enabled us to fulfill our dream of working with practitioners to improve health, and allowed countless individuals to get back to their lives!


Essential Formulas

Essential Formulas is a family owned and operated business that is passionate about providing scientifically sound dietary supplements with proven protocols and empowering consumers to take control of their health in the most natural, proactive way possible. EFI is a member of numerous natural health associations as well as actively participating in lobbying efforts on behalf of the natural product industry.



ReadiSorb products are made in the United States at an FDA inspected facility that meets strict cGMP (“current Good Manufacturing Practice”) standards. Their liposome technology is unique; their ingredients and products are analyzed for stability and purity. Some of the things they test for in our products: heavy metals, arsenic, mold, yeast, bacteria.



Researched Nutritionals® possesses product development experience in providing health care professionals the most advanced and well-researched formulations. With product efficacy as our focus, we study the latest research to source the nutrients best suited for your patients. We search the globe for the purest ingredients, ordering only the highest quality raw materials, and producing products to meet or exceed cGMP’s. 

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To learn more about stem cell treatment simply fill out the form below and a Patient Advocate will contact you shortly.

Contact us for more information about Stem Cell Treatment

To learn more about stem cell treatment simply fill out the form below and a Patient Advocate will contact you shortly.