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Integrative Health Recovery Program™ – Take Control of Your Health

StemGenex Medical Group is proud to provide access to the stem cell industry’s first Integrative Health Recovery Program under the direction of our specialists. This Integrative Health Recovery Program will work toward improving long-term treatment outcomes through enhanced stem cell treatments. Patients who receive stem cell therapy through StemGenex Medical Group are now armed with multiple treatment modalities which utilize an integrative approach to achieve optimal long-term health.

A Revolutionary Blend of Science and Medicine

The Integrative Health Recovery Program™ is the stem cell industry’s first comprehensive health recovery program. Our goal is to provide patients access to treatment options to target the root cause and pathophysiology of their disease. This Health Recovery Program is designed to improve the efficacy of each patient’s stem cell treatment by initially preparing their body prior to treatment then continuing their treatment through the recovery process.

Treating the Patient not the Symptoms

The Integrative Health Recovery Program utilizes a novel approach in medicine which targets the triggers of a patient’s illness as opposed to simply addressing its symptoms. The ultimate goal, is to restore the body’s natural ability to function at its most optimal level. This is accomplished by utilizing the latest in genetic science, systems biology, diagnostics, and the understanding of how environmental and lifestyle factors influence the progression of disease. Once the underlying triggers of a patient’s disease/condition are identified, a treatment plan can be implemented to provide a renewed sense of well-being and may significantly increase their health and vitality.

The Health Recovery Program will utilize the following methodology:

• Add what’s lacking in the body to restore balance in the primary physiological processes.
• Remove any toxins, triggers or factors that impede the body from moving toward its optimal state of health.

Your Recovery – Dr. Andre Lallande

As a well-respected leader in his field, Dr. Andre Lallande offers 20 years of experience in Integrative medicine combined with 15 years of expertise in Rheumatology and Auto-immune diseases. His dedication toward identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illnesses is unparalleled. Dr. Lallande has addressed the challenges of many auto-immune diseases with conventional therapies. More importantly, he has focused on treating these patients’ conditions with thorough investigation and treating the underlying causes such as chronic infections, toxins and allergies. Dr. Lallande brings a level of care to patients well beyond today’s standard of care. Dr. Lallande follows the latest research, and is constantly updating his methodologies as new, scientifically based therapies and tests become available.

Realize your Body’s Potential

The goal of The Integrative Health Recovery Program is to deliver treatment to maximize the impact of each patient’s stem cell treatment to a much higher level. Through the expertise of Dr. Andre Lallande we can now provide access to stem cell therapy combined with advanced, expert integrative modalities that maximize the impact of both treatments. By doing so, we hope to create an improved environment for the stem cells to thrive in and ultimately improve the patient’s overall quality of life.

The Industry’s First Integrative Health Recovery Program

The Integrative Health Recovery Program is delivered in conjunction with each patient’s stem cell treatment. Prior to coming to StemGenex Medical Group for treatment, each patient will receive an initial Health Recovery Plan that will prepare them for their stem cell treatment in order to maximize its effects. The Health Recovery Plan will first look to identity the factors in the body responsible for the malfunction. Only then can treatment identify those factors in a way appropriate for each patient’s situation. Through this program, patients can receive cutting-edge stem cell therapy with integrative modalities to provide them with even more weapons to fight their disease.

Integrative Health Recovery Blueprint

•Initial Clinical Assessment

Prior to arriving for stem cell treatment, each patient will complete an initial pre-operative work-up. Once this clinical assessment is completed, a plan of action, consisting of various modalities, can be designed specifically around your body’s needs.

•Phase I Pre-treatment Preparation

The Phase I preparation is initiated prior to visiting StemGenex Medical Group for your stem cell treatment. You will be provided with an individualized plan that can be easily and non-invasively implemented into your daily routine as well as a comprehensive health questionnaire and detailed instructions on obtaining essential medical data.

•Phase II Pre-treatment Preparation

The Phase II preparation will be implemented with Dr. Lallande during your visit to StemGenex Medical Group. This will begin with a more thorough investigation and assessment. Once your assessment is complete, your medical team will deliver more advanced, integrative modalities to further ready your body for stem cell treatment by creating an optimal environment for your stem cells to flourish.

•Stem Cell Therapy

Once your body is prepared you will be ready to receive the industry’s most advanced Stem Cell Therapy.


After visiting StemGenex Medical Group, each patient will receive customized post-treatment recommendations to achieve the most optimal outcome from their stem cell treatment. Patients will have regularly scheduled follow-up calls completed with our extremely skilled health recovery team members. During these follow-ups the team may make recommendations to enhance your recovery even further. Ultimately, the team will evaluate and assess the improvements in each patient’s current condition to make recommendations in the treatment regimen to continually enhance your health recovery.

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Contact us for more information about Stem Cell Treatment

To learn more about stem cell treatment simply fill out the form below and a Patient Advocate will contact you shortly.