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StemGenex Medical Group is not offering stem cell therapy as a cure for any condition, disease, or injury. No statements or implied treatments on this website have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This website contains no medical advice.
All statements and opinions provided by this website are provided for educational and informational purposes only and we do not diagnose or treat via this website or via telephone. StemGenex Medical Group and its affiliate treatment center offers treatments that are in the investigational stage to provide individual patients with Stromal Vascular Fraction that contains their own autologous stem cells and growth factors. The treatment centers provide surgical procedures only and are not involved in the use or manufacture of any investigational drugs.
StemGenex Medical Group does not claim that any applications, or potential applications, using autologous stem cells are approved by the FDA. We do not claim that these treatments cure any listed nor unlisted condition, intended or implied. It’s important for potential patients to do their own stem cell study and research based on the options that we present so that one can make an informed decision. Any decision to participate in our patient funded clinical stem cell studies is completely voluntary.

  • Does StemGenex Medical Group provide stem cell studies through the N.I.H.?

    Yes, upholding the highest levels of ethical conduct, safety and efficacy is StemGenex’ primary focus. StemGenex Medical Group offers stem cell studies registered through the National Institutes of Health at for patients seeking treatment with the highest standard of care. In order to be registered, each study needs to be approved by an institutional review board (IRB) to ensure proper oversight and protocols are being followed. StemGenex considers this a core competency and a significant advantage compared with treatment centers offering unregistered studies.

  • What are stem cells?

    Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life, the basic cells from which our bodies are made. They are formed at conception and specialized to become all the different tissues of the body: muscle, nerve, organs, bone, blood and so on. In general terms, stem cells are progenitor cells that lead the creation of new cells. They are regenerative in their function; they are regenerative cells.

  • When do we use the body's stem cells?

    We tap into our body's stem cell reserve to repair and replace injured or diseased tissue. Unfortunately, our reserve is limited and as it becomes depleted, the regenerative power of our body decreases and we succumb to diseases, disorders and the ravages and ramifications of aging.

  • What are the sources of stem cells from one's own body?

    There are three sources of stem cells from a patient body that can be used clinically; these are bone marrow, peripheral blood and fat (adipose tissue).

  • Why does StemGenex Medical Group not use Amniotic Stem Cells?

    There are no clinical trials involving amniotic fluid derived stem cells in spite of the fact that there are now amniotic stem cell banks. This is in contrast to the hundreds of ongoing trials/studies utilizing mesenchymal stem cells.

    • Safety and efficacy of amniotic stem cell therapy is unknown because are are few/no studies utilizing these cells outside of animal experiments.
    • Amniotic stem cells are allogenic (i.e. foreign) and will be killed by the immune system, nullifying therapeutic benefit
    • Donation of amniotic fluid is the same as any cell/tissue donation: donated material has to be tested extensively for pathogens (i.e. viruses, bacteria, etc.) many of which can be difficult to detect
    • Amniotic fluid collected via sterile methods is not readily available. The most common source is via amniocentesis which only collects a small volume and creates a risk of miscarriage for the mother. A therapeutic dose of cells would require culturing, an illegal procedure in the US.

  • Does StemGenex Medical Group provide PRP Therapy?

    StemGenex Medical Group does not provide PRP therapy for patients as PRP therapy has not been shown to be effective in many studies. Most recently, a 2014 study performed by The Cochrane Collaboration, a highly respected source of information put together by medical professionals that pool all available published information on a particular topic and then critically review the data.

    The study found that, “When we pooled the limited data that was available for all these conditions, we found very weak (very low quality) evidence for a slight benefit of PRT (platelet-rich therapy/PRP) in pain in the short term (up to three months). However, pooled data do not show that PRT/PRP makes a difference in function in the short, medium or long term.”

    Citation: Moraes VY, Lenza M, Tamaoki MJ, Faloppa F, Belloti JC. Platelet-rich therapies for musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2014, Issue 4. Art. No.: CD010071. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD010071.pub3.

  • Which is the best source to harvest from and why?

    The best source to harvest stem cells from one's body is the 'FAT' also known as Adipose Tissue. It is rich in mesenchymal stem cells and 100x more stem cells can be harvested from fat as compared to bone marrow for example.

  • What is an Adipose Stem Cell Therapy?

    It is the harvesting of dormant stem cells from 100-200cc of a patient's fat through a mini-liposuction. The harvested dormant stem cells are isolated from the fat and activated with the patient's growth factors, then comfortably infused back into the patient intravenously (IV) as well as other directly targeted methods of administration. The entire procedure takes about 4-5 hours and is conducted on an out-patient basis under local anesthesia. It takes about an hour to harvest the cells, 3 hours to activate and stimulate them properly with a patented laser and then infuse them back into the patient. There is no waiting or culturing done with the adipose stem cells as we do not wish to change or manipulate the stem cells, but keep them in their natural state until they are reintroduced into the body. This is in direct contrast to bone marrow extraction, or to other methods that are used by foreign entities. Since we harvest from the most abundant source of stem cells, located within the patient's own fat cells, we avoid the need to manipulate and multiply these cells, thus helping to ensure their survival.

  • How do stem cells work?

    Essentially, stem cells are progenitor cells which are capable of regeneration and differentiation morphing into a wide range of specialized cell types. Once administered, stem cells follow inflammatory signals from damaged tissues and have multiple ways of repairing these damaged areas.

  • What indications can Adipose Stem Cell Therapy be most beneficial for?

    We arrange for Adipose Stem Cell Transplants for a wide variety of conditions for which traditional treatment offers less than optimal options. Some conditions include Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and COPD.

  • How long will it take to see results?

    Each condition and patient is unique, and there is no guarantee of what results will be achieved or how quickly they may be observed. Most patients report the results become apparent over 1-3 months, but it can take as long as 6-9 months.

  • Are there any known side-effects to the procedure?

    The side effects of the procedure are minimal and may include minor swelling, bruising and redness at the procedure site. Less than 10% of patients develop a minor fever, headache, or nausea, however these side effects typically last no longer than 24 hours and are experienced mostly by patients with sensitivity to mild anesthesia. No long-term negative side effects have been reported.

  • Are there any moral or religious issues with regards to Adipose Stem Cell Transplant?

    According to several religious denominations, adult stem cells are not encumbered by any ethical or moral dilemmas. Those ethical issues which apply to fetal and embryonic stem cells do not apply to adult stem cells. Both the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Church have issued papers which actually encourage research and the use of adult stem cells in the treatment of human disease, as an ethically acceptable alternative to the use of the ethically challenged fetal and embryonic stem cells.

  • Is this procedure FDA approved?

    Congress has recently granted the FDA authority to regulate human tissue through the Public Health Service Act (PHSA). The FDA is currently in the process of defining a regulatory path for cellular therapies. A Scientific Workshop and Public Hearing – Draft Guidances Relating to the Regulation of Human Cells, Tissues or Cellular or Tissue-Based Products is scheduled for September at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesada, MD. Chief Scientific Officer Steven A. Brody, M.D., Ph.D is scheduled to speak at the upcoming FDA Public Hearing. In March, 2016, bipartisian legislation was introduced to the Senate and House of Representatives to develop and advance stem cell therapies.

  • Will health insurance cover the cost?

    U.S. health insurance does not cover the cost of this procedure. Be aware of stem cell companies advertising that insurance will cover some, if not all of the stem cell therapy. This is misleading as only labs and/or a negligible amount may be covered by the patient's insurance. StemGenex Medical Group covers the lab costs for the vast majority of patients regardless.

  • How long does it take to schedule an appointment?

    Your StemGenex Medical Group 'Patient Advocate' will assist you with every step to ensure the appointment process is expedited. Once we have received a detailed medical history it will then take 2 to 3 days for the physician to review the records and get back to the patient to go over treatment options. Then, the patient is scheduled for the earliest available appointment. The process of scheduling appointments takes 1 to 3 weeks, from the time of the initial contact to the date of the first appointment. The first step is to complete a Medical History Form.

  • Do I have to live in California to receive stem cell therapy through StemGenex?

    Patients travel to us for treatment from all over the world. Your treatment will consist of only one visit lasting 3 total days. The therapy is minimally invasive and almost all patients are able to fly back home the day after their treatment.

  • Why travel to StemGenex Medical Group?

    Over 70% of patients travel to StemGenex Medical Group from out of state. Why?

    • StemGenex Medical Group provides access to physicians who have more years of experience with stem cell therapy than most entire stem cell centers combined.
    • StemGenex Medical Group offers advanced technologies to process your stem cells and directly target areas of your body that need repair. These technologies simply cannot be found elsewhere
    • Patients who receive treatment through StemGenex Medical Group receive an individualized, comprehensive treatment where they are treated as if they are the center of our world. Patient satisfaction is everything to us.

  • How does StemGenex Medical Group pay for my travel?

    StemGenex Medical Group covers the cost of your hotel stay and your car service which will be waiting for you at the airport baggage claim when you arrive. All of these arrangements are made for you by your clinical coordinator prior to your arrival.

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To learn more about stem cell treatment simply fill out the form below and a Patient Advocate will contact you shortly.

Contact us for more information about Stem Cell Treatment

To learn more about stem cell treatment simply fill out the form below and a Patient Advocate will contact you shortly.