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Welcome to StemGenex Medical Group® a U.S. Leader in Stem Cell Therapy

StemGenex Medical Group offers patients access to cutting-edge adipose stem cell therapy for many degenerative diseases. We offer patients access to stem cell treatments with a level of quality and patient-centric care that simply cannot be found elsewhere. StemGenex Medical Group utilizes board-certified surgeons and a accredited surgical center along with our own PhD neuroscientist setting forth and refining stem cell processing protocols. These cutting-edge protocols utilize targeted administration methods and the latest activation methods to ensure the safest most effective stem cell treatments possible. We believe in providing patients with IRB approved studies for stem cell treatments registered through The National Institutes of Health. Through these stem cell therapy studies, we hope to provide patients with options that may change the course of their lives as well as the course of their disease.

StemGenex® Patient Satisfaction Ratings

Through September, 2016

How would you describe your overall experience with StemGenex, in terms of meeting your expectation?

88% Exceed My Expectations 12% Met My Expectations

How satisfied are you with the medical team that performed your Stem Cell treatment?

94% Extremely Satisfied 6% Satisfied

StemGenex Onsite Staff

97% A 3% B

StemGenex off Site Staff

97% A 3% B

Clinic Staff

97% A 3% B

Car Service

90% A 10% B


65% A 29% B 3% C 3% D
The patient satisfaction ratings above represent data received from patient exit surveys evaluating patient experience and care, accommodations, staff and facilities.